The 8 Best Free Online Therapy Services 2022

Selecting a type of therapy and finding a therapist who is knowledgeable, empathetic, compassionate, and trained in a method to meet your specific needs can make all the difference. Conducting research regarding types of therapy suitable to your needs, level of education and expertise in a clinician, and their approach can help you make an informed choice for your care. In the end, you know yourself, your concerns, and the direction you hope to move in the best.

Wir haben recherchiert, um die beste kostenlose Unterstützung für psychische Gesundheit im Jahr 2022 zu finden. Wir haben diese beliebten kostenlosen Online-Therapiedienste anhand von fünf wichtigen Merkmalen für alle, die online Unterstützung für ihre psychische Gesundheit suchen, bewertet. Einige Versicherungen decken Online-Therapien oder Sitzungen mit einem Therapeuten über virtuelle Gesundheitsdienste wie Teladoc oder Amwell ab. Wenn Ihre Versicherung eine Therapie im Allgemeinen abdeckt, gelten diese Leistungen auch für Videositzungen mit einem Psychotherapeuten vor Ort. Um eine Online-Therapie in Anspruch zu nehmen, müssen Sie sich bei der Plattform anmelden.

Having a sense of your needs, personal goals, and what you hope to get out of therapy are essential as you explore options. Specializing in talk therapy, TickTalkTo provides mental health support and a safe space to access professional help. Services are offered via a mobile application available on iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play store. The service will match you with a happiness coach, and all psychologists on the platform are verified and vetted to ensure quality counseling.

NIMH’s health topic pagesabout specific disorders list some of the evidence-based therapies for those disorders. Psychotherapy can be an alternative to medication or can be used with other treatment options, such as medications. Choosing the right treatment plan should be based on a person’s individual needs and medical situation and under a mental health professional’s care.

Kostenlose Dienste bieten Online-Therapie per Text, Online-Chat und Live-Online-Sitzungen mit einer Fachkraft an. Bei einigen Diensten müssen Sie ein Abonnement abschließen, bei anderen zahlen Sie pro Sitzung, und einige sind kostenlos. Die kostenlose Online-Therapieplattform für Depressionen von CIMHS ist auf kognitive Verhaltenstherapie spezialisiert und basiert auf den Grundsätzen der positiven Psychologie. Sie beginnen den Prozess, indem Sie interaktive Arbeitsblätter und Quizfragen in Ihrem eigenen Tempo ausfüllen. Ihre Krankenkasse verfügt möglicherweise über eine Liste von Fachleuten für psychische Gesundheit, die an Ihrem Plan teilnehmen. Weitere Ressourcen auf der Webseite Hilfe für psychische Erkrankungen können Ihnen bei der Suche nach kostengünstigen Gesundheitsdiensten helfen.

Most therapists spend the first session asking general questions to get a sense of the client’s background, their past experience with therapy, and what issues they’re hoping to address. They will also likely discuss their own modality or style and offer an outline of what the client can expect. Logistical details, such as verifying insurance coverage and setting up a payment schedule, may happen in the first session as well. Individual therapy provides a safe and open atmosphere for clients to explore problems or concerns and learn a healthy way to address and manage them. Group therapy offers a supportive environment where patients can develop a skill, receive education on a specific issue, or receive encouragement from others who may be facing a similar issue.

Secure, convenient, and available throughout the United States, eTherapyPro is the best overall free online therapy, offering new patients a three-day trial. The goal of therapy is to gain relief from symptoms, maintain and/or improve daily functioning, and improve quality of life. If you have been in therapy for what feels like a reasonable amount of time and feel you are not getting better, talk to your therapist or look into other mental health professionals or approaches. The first session of therapy can be anxiety-provoking, and it’s normal to feel nervous or unsure of what to expect. Luckily, most patients will find that the first session of therapy follows a predictable format.

The mission of the Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions is to provide mental health services to people around the world through the use of cutting-edge technology. Its goal is to provide accessible, effective, and confidential free online therapy that improves your mood and mental health well-being. Helping a person become aware of ways of thinking that may be automatic but are inaccurate and harmful .